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The World's First
Data Ownership Protocol
made for Blockchain.

What if you could predetermine who has access to your data with a contract that can be triggered from anwywhere, create your own terms of service, and sell access to your attention with absolutely no middleman? Its time to tap into your data's potential like Silicon Valley has been doing for years by getting into the business of tracking relationships to effortlessly capture rewards for sharing. The #PX protocol brings opportunity to you.
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The New Empowerment

#PX is a vision of the future that can be achieved today. For the past few decades information giants have made analytics and search the goto method of capitalization.

Never has the endpoint of a relationship actually belonged to the individual and yet we know where there's value there are stakeholders. You provide the digital footprint and the market pays for access through major players, but what's been missing for so long from this relationship is a way for you to manage these terms yourself. Your data is being traded — just not by you.

Imagine the possibilities: you're in a store looking for a specific item, better yet you're at home - which app do you use to find what you're looking for? What if you could use an app like Twitter to identify the product you're looking for at the price you're willing to pay. Now imagine your house as a store or your time as a bank — how would you like to move some inventory? #PX is a way for you to automagically generate a contract from any social media platform, with a built-in paywall so that you can close deals of any size and in any denomination privately and securely.

If you're not trading your data — you're giving it up so someone else can, why not put yourself in charge.

A New Class of Application

What will it look like when the world comes to you
And why developers will love the #PX protocol.

Never before has an individual been tracked with such efficiency. Now, with the Internet Of Things, more data than ever is being put to use and with big data expected to reach a valuation of 187BN in 2019*, and an increasingly important commodity. If this paradigm were to fall under direct control of the user instead of by the big data market abstractly then the demand for functionality, integrity and security would feedback unto itself — leading to a way to agree to a better future. Contracts are agreements waiting to happen.

Contract Searchability

Locating demand more efficiently drives market opportunity. Developers can now concentrate on specific markets and contract terms, identifying retail & wholesale sales, jobs & services, commodities and opportunities in the micro-jobs market. Never before has data science had a near phamacutical application; contracts are endpoints of demand, making algorithmic insight all the more valuable and even necessary for our ever-granular economy, where diagnosis of inefficacy leads to the science of applied empathy. Our RESTful API will provide the basic services required to achieve these insights.

Built with the ground breaking OpenPDS Framework (developed at MIT) your data will be protected even when its not stored in a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. That's because it uses a clever SafeAnswers dual layer data aggregator to bind and identify information with a layer of obfuscation that protects anonymity. This is achieved within the framwork with generic computations that make sure only summary or critical data gets exposed, never your private information. Our passion is data privacy - its a hard problem ultimately solved by the MIT development team, making OpenPDS the perfect platform for #PX, and the best way we've found to protect your assets.

Availability, Confidentiality, Integrity & Security

Low latency means fast approval times.

Now that the entire chain of custody of a relationship can be tracked consumer habits become an idex of performance making both the sharing and the business cost efficiencies a smart investment. Contract matching puts opportunity with prospect, creating value from data directly in the hands of the user.

Power to the People

Dawn of the Feedback Loop

Wouldn't it be nice if we could effortlessly guage the effectivness of a charity? Or how efficient a supply chain is? Or which economic factors correlate to demand? What do Yelp reviews actually mean??

Feedback loops have the ability to assess confirm or correct a simulated outcome with deeper insight into the intent behind demand. By repurposing the current social media soundboard to be a better opportunity detector shared data accelerates business with improved communications. Plus, by putting your data in a contract you don't have to guess who has access. Demand triggers will enable deeper capitalism, provisioning want at the time of need, and fulfillment into a dialect of empathy.

Now that my results can be [measured], I can easily justify my professional rate without questions or extra negotiations! Now the line is around the block! Good thing I'm a bricklayer.

Marty Khan - Consultant

It's an exciting thing, watching dollars come in, get segmented into pools of effectiveness, and measured — all in one fell swoop. This is going to change philanthropy AND porn.

Brandon Serpico - CEO

Every Economist dreams of the day when stats are as real time as they are in sports, and that's exactly what a smart contract economy does. Now this is granular!

Mithun Trajan - Data Analyist

Use Cases for
Data Ownership

Putting #PX in your message triggers our protocol. This means you can use any number of social applications. But why would you create a contract in the first place? How about any time you want something - new, used, right now or when you get wherever you're going. Data contracts are another way of saying 'what you want' and 'how you want it'.

This (specific product) is for sale #PX
My 2004 Honda Accord is for sale #PX
Is there such a thing as a $5 hamburger #PX
I want to go to school in California for under 30k a year #PX


Sponsor the Revolution

Help us reach our current goal of $200k to make this data/contract revolution possible. Lets find out how well those charities perform with a universal protocol that can be called from anywhere; Lets discover the opportunities just outside of the supplychain that turn frontiers into gold; Lets never disparage between economic groups and provide equal access to learning, and learn what what we can objectively before treating trauma, set-back and pain with yet more entropy; all potential gains are opportunities. This is not simply an investment in the future, it's a root cause that everyone cares about: discovering and knowing everything they can about themselves, as well as having first access and all rights to it. When we get right down to it this is the business of living, and in this intimate space, we ought to use what we learn to greatest advantage and seek no interference from middlemen and no big brother.

With this protocol other opportunities that appreciate this project as a core element can find profitable ground. $200k Gets the protocol made, fortified, and upon launch, 1 million eyeballs via an ad campaign. Subsequently the protocol will exist as a not-for-profit with a staff of one. Please use the form at the bottom to direct all/any further questions. We deeply appreciate your sponsorship of the revolution.


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Lets Start a Fire

We need your help to spread the word about #PX — how contract creation creates an endpoint for demand in exchange for commitment to terms of access — how putting the contract owner in the driver's seat empowers the contract owner — how obliging these terms brings value to you first. By reaching our funding needs this software-as-a-service can exist — for everyone.

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